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Elsie Aimes a community sports youth worker at LS-TEN applied for Pass The Torch, bringing two great volunteers into the programme. 

Tula, 14

"Tula has always stood out as a talented skateboarder to us at LS-TEN, or to anyone in the Leeds skate scene. She has become quite the regular shredder at Hyde park, you will normally find her doing front Ds or 5.0s in the mini ramp. 

 Although Tula exceeds everyone's expectations with her amazing skating, she has struggled a lot socially to find her people to skate with. We think this will be a great way to make her feel more included and valued in the skate community, and after all we could all learn a thing or two off Tula, she’s amazing!"

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Eden, 15

"Eden first sprung to mind when this project  was proposed to us as he has always shown a keen interest in wanting to volunteer at the skatepark. He attends our youth club every week, and is happy to get involved in any extra opportunities or activities we put forward to the young people. Apart from progressing at an exceptional rate in his skating, he has also developed massively over the past few months with his social skills. Despite the youth club getting very busy and somewhat overwhelming, Eden always finds a way to cope and has learnt to control his emotions through skating. 

Additionally, in the past Eden has had to deal with really challenging behaviours from the other kids, including racism. However, Eden never lets that effect him or his skating, and continues to share a positive attitude to learning and sharing with others. He loves being apart of the skate community and I think he is really going to thrive from this opportunity."

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