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Let's Go Skate is a registered CIC, sourcing funds and providing lessons free of charge for young people in disadvantaged areas run by Jason Emery.

Jason already had a structure for lessons, so worked hard to see how Pass The Torch could integrate trialing a new system for Let's Go Skate in the process. 

He created the Keep on Skatin' course to run for six weeks to include the same children over the whole course. 

Acacia 14, was selected for Pass The Torch 2022, the first time Jason had ever trialled a teenage volunteer and was excited to see how things progressed. Jason's decision to take things slow, focusing Pass The Torch with Acacia instead of taking on numerous volunteers. 

"She has been having lessons with us for about a year and a half now and has come a long way, so much so that we believe she now has the experience to help newcomers learn some of the core techniques to becoming a skateboarder. Every week Acacia turned up with her cheery smile and provided an extra pair of hands to give support to the children when needed. This varied from 1-2-1 help with Kickturns to assisting with learning to drop ins and just keeping the limbo pole from falling over at times!”

In 2023, Lets Go Skate continued with Pass The Torch, bringing Ellie and Chloe as volunteers. Jason requested that all three girls, including Acacia participated in the program in 2023.

Ellie, 14

“Ellie has been skateboarding on and off for a while now but showed interest in becoming a volunteer to help out younger ones when the opportunity presented itself. She enjoys riding a smaller 7.75 inch deck and recently did her biggest rock to Fakie in a bowl at Bury St Edmunds. She enjoys street more and has a great Ollie. She’s yet to land a Kickflip but she’s super close!”


Chloe, 13

“Chloe started skateboarding back when she was only 8 and although was able to ride around and go down some ramps she took a few years off. Now as a teenager she’s been back riding for a year or so and enjoys going fast as she carves around bowls. This often sees her skidding out and taking some brutal slams but this doesn’t deter her as she gets right back up and continues. She is trying to add some tricks to her skateboarding with recent additions being Rock n Rolls and Axel Stalls”

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