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Louis Carroll applied for Pass The Torch 2023 for Projekts MCR, an undercover skatepark and school in Manchester City Centre. The two volunteers that Louis picked for Pass The Torch this year are, Ben and Kitty.


Ben, 10 

"Ben started skating around September 2021, mainly learning through coming to the Projekts coaching classes, very quickly learning and making his way to red class (the advanced session). I feel the environment of those coaching classes and the overall dynamic there has really allowed him to come into his own and already grow as a person, as when I first began teaching Ben, he was a very shy boy barely able to even look anyone in the eyes. 

Over the course of his skating journey so far I have watched his social skills and overall confidence grow massively (which is really lovely to see) as he has made lots of friends through skateboarding and became a very well-spoken and well-mannered dude!! His parents also say they feel skating has even improved him academically due to his newfound resilience and dedication to working hard. 

When I asked Ben today what his favourite thing about skating was and gave him a few minutes to think, his reply was:

"I really like the feeling of working hard and conquering new tricks , I think that feeling is the best feeling ever!"  

The reason I chose Ben for this scheme is because during my sessions now I have noticed he has been really helpful to other students (without me telling him to) always offering help and giving out motivation to perhaps those struggling with anything! So I just feel with a bit of guidance and experience he could easily have what it takes to be a coach in the future."

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Kitty, 16 

Kitty’s answer to what she loves about skateboarding:

"I love skateboarding because I really enjoy the challenge of trying new tricks and spending time at the park"

I began coaching Kitty when she first started coming to Projekts, however in a very short duration of time she became a very talented skateboarder, learning trick after trick (always with a big smile on her face may I add) and making lots of new friends along the way !! It has been a joy to watch her skateboarding journey so far and I am excited to see where it takes her.

Kitty will be helping out on the Thursday night girls night at Projekts. 

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