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Supported by #ShredTheNorth and the local skate scene that started it over 10 years ago. They applied for the DIY Fund 2021 to finish the flatbank and spine with potential to extend or add the quarter. They also had tools stolen so the fund have helped buy new tools and supplement materials to continue building.  

In 2022 there was a solid crew of around 12-15 working hard to build more obstacles ahead of the 3rd annual Wastey Jam.


The DIY Fund helped support #NorthEastSkateboarding in their efforts to create the best skatepark, and to show the local community and local councillors that skateparks built by skaters, for skaters are indeed the best ones, in quality and longevity. 


The skateboard decks donated by Clown in 2022 were used to either donate to local kids who need a hand skating or as prizes in their annual Wastey Jam, held 18th September, after an initial bad weather delay from 4th.  

Clown have been able to support The Wastey for a third year in a row. This years fund was put towards a long ledge, to extend the quarter and build a nipple. We are very stoked to be able to continuously help this DIY.

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