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Mark Nolan was practically born at Meanwhile Gardens and spends most of his time there running skate classes and free group lessons for people who want a safe/chilled/stress free environment to enjoy learning to skate, through Best Foot Forward Skate Academy at the skatepark.

The two volunteers Mark picked for Pass The Torch 2023, Caesar and Cian are both local to meanwhile gardens and live on the estates nearby, they have been riding the park for a few years now but have recently become more and more prevalent over the past few months.

Both kids split time between skateboarding and scootering at the skatepark but have recently been drawn more towards skateboarding and I help them with tricks fairly often in free lessons.

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Like many kids in the surrounding area they are at the age of decision between what they enjoy and the gangs of the area, we find kids in the area grow up very fast have a short window to catch their imagination, Cesar and Cian are well mannered and pleasant, but we see that change so often so quickly in young kids. I think we have two kids on our side here who will be lifers and the next generation at the park if we support them enough.

“We would just like to say thanks to clown skateboards and Clown In Action. The boys' eyes light up every time the idea is mentioned, they have been running around picking up rubbish and introducing themselves to all my students in preparation! It shows the difference a bit of investment can make to their lives.”

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