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The park was already underway with a few half pipes, manny pad and other bits under construction but with the funding they were able to continue building a new quarter, corner and hip piece for the skate plaza. They needed more cement to finish and more tools to build so got to work building new obstacles and invested in a decent trowel! Have put a lot of effort in the DIY.

They are keen to involve the local community to help build and teach others to skate. “It will make a big difference having spare boards at the DIY for people who want to try.” 

PUMF Plaza is a DIY project that has been worked on for over 3 years, with a great little skate community has developed locally because of it. 


Since starting, younger skaters have joined, asking to help with builds and learn from the existing crew. 


Just 4 weeks prior to the DIY Fund, the team thought they would be losing the site however the news of its safety was confirmed. The funds continued to help towards the cost of materials and new obstacles. There’s a core of around 10 people building the site and keeping the Pumf alive. 

Clown have been able to support Pumf two years in a row and we're very excited for their future plans.

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