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Isle of Wight


Hamish Fleming, MD and lead instructor of Canopy skatepark applied for Pass The Torch with the aim to use the structure provided to help forward our learners to be able to help empower others through skateboarding. The two volunteers that he put forward are Barrie and Jamie.

Hamish asked each of them to describe their skating experience;


"The first time I stepped on a sk8board was 2021 around April and its now a casual part of my life now I've been coming down to canopy even before it was open and now I'm hoovering and helping out  Hamish with loads of stuff and I also help people drop-in and foot placement on the board 

And I always respect peoples personal space and look around when I'm skating I love skating and I wish to work at canopy one day."

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"I’m Jamie the first time I stepped on a skateboard was Christmas 2020 and rode for a few months then stopped due to injury until May 2022. As I’ve been progressing I’ve started helping people learn to skate and attended a weekly skate session with John cattle’s skate club at sandown skatepark. Later on with the sessions I ended up having my own little group that I was teaching.  Since then I’ve been helping out at my local skatepark and have kept being told I would make a great skate coach. I really enjoy skating and it’s a big part of my life. I love learning new tricks and trying to improve on the things that I have already learnt. I continue to skate on a regular basis learning new things each time while now helping my brothers that I have introduced into skating."

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