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Youth worker Rob Sharp applied for The Boarding school to partake in Pass The Torch 2023. The Boarding School is a youth center based skatepark project and incorporates many ideals of youth and community work in the way it operates. 

This includes engaging with the wider community, fundraising, and a more holistic approach to supporting young people than just coaching. 

The area in which we operate appears in the 15% most deprived areas nationally on the indices of deprivation, and despite this council funding for youth activities is really low.

“It would be amazing to engage our young people in a wider skate project, 

especially around mental health, and build their resilience further.”

Their Pass The Torch volunteer this year is 14 year old Freddie, he’s been skating for 2 and a half years and when asked why he likes skating he said, “because it's something to focus on that teaches you to commit to things”. Alongside skating, Freddie has interests in Mountain biking, graffiti and listening to music.

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