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An international non-profit organization that runs skateboarding-based youth development programs for underprivileged communities around the world


'The Planting Seeds Apprenticeship programme was developed in 2020 to complement Concrete Jungle Foundation's life-skills programming for children with professional development opportunities for beneficiaries nearing adulthood.'

Through the Planting Seeds Apprenticeships, our goal was to provide all beneficiaries with hard, employable skills and knowledge in general construction, a global network of professionals in the skatepark building sector specifically, experience, guidance, and inspiration to take on regional skatepark construction should they choose to, as well as both a unique experience and friends for life.


In 2021 Clown Skateboards donated 1000euros and held two public raffles to win limited edition Guest Art Project drops from Ludo to support their campaign to build 2 skateparks in Peru. Their fundraising was successful, and the construction will reach over 300 children. 

The Cerrito de la Virgen skatepark in Peru was recently completed, taking the team 17 days to build and 170 sqm skatepark whilst running The Planting Seeds Apprenticeship central to the construction with 4 of the apprentices now on their way to purse further learning experience with CJF in Lobitos. 

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Clown In Action partnered with Concrete Jungle Foundation's Planting Seeds Apprenticeship (PSA) programme in 2022, with the objective to help develop and provide opportunities to those taking part with the build, to provide continuity of learning skatepark construction through the programme. A 4 week curriculum of field lectures, workshops and practical exercises. The 3 apprentices were given paid work and accommodation in Morocco, with the chose apprentice from the previous build in Peru.

Clown invested €4000 towards CJF's work and organised 4 collaborations with local artists with the aim to raise an additional €4000.

Aya, Simo and Hanota were the 3 apprentices for the build in Morocco.

CJF Morocco Reports

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