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A lovingly created and long-running DIY spot of 10 years, under the devoted care of Paul Carroll. 2022 plans involved extending the build, demolish and rebuild of the original platforms on the oldest bit, especially considering fire and vandalism damage at the spot.


Clown fund went towards materials to add two turrets (step up extensions), remove the coping and platforms to replace with steel framework to stabilize the mini ramp section and deck out a bridge to make it more accessible.

Except for two occasions, everything at Delside has been mixed by hand, with shovels, by volunteers and all concreting done by Paul. If volunteers show genuine willing and a bit of dedication, he’s keen to involve them and share his DIY skills, hopefully getting them building too.

The 2022 DIY Fund meant Paul was able to get a concrete truck ‘in a Delside first’ rather than mixing by hand. 

This year Paul is putting the DIY Fund towards stripping the coping and platform off the 'other side', reinforcing the structure and re-laying the coping and platform, and decking out the space behind it over the ditch. He has plans to build the 2nd gun tower/turret extension to mirror the one built in 2021. 

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