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When we rewound and came again in 2020 the plan was always to build on something that wasn't just for us, but also for the communities that we love. An important part of our heritage was supporting these things: skateboarding, art and music.


To formalise this support and to directly benefit these communities we  set up 'IN ACTION' as a Community Interest Company (CIC).


We are a small but (very) dedicated team. The founders continue to donate their time and our Community Engagement Officer is the only paid member.


We are looking for a digital designer who is willing to donate their time and skills to help us help others.


We can offer appreciation, love, hugs, smiles and... skateboards.


If you are interested please send examples of your work along with reasons why you would be mad enough to collaborate with us.


We are accepting interest till the 5th April and will be back in touch with everyone 12th April.


Please send your examples and your why to:


Thank you very much!

Find out more about what we've done


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