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In 2021 Clown Skateboards set up a UK wide DIY fund accessible to home-grown individuals, DIY or community groups dedicated to creating, renovating or adding to a local outdoor spot and supporting the next generation getting into skating. 

We created 20 grants to include a sum of £500 each, to be used for concrete, materials or tools needed to build and maintain the spot. Every successful applicant was given 4 complete skateboards to gift to 4 local kids who they felt deserved it.

Following and documenting their progress, from the spot development, the impact it has on the local skate community and the kids inspired by it. We worked with Confusion Magazine to post real-time updates on the DIY Funds's progress, featuring a few of the spots on their website.


Explore the updates of the DIYs on Confusion Magazine


We announced our 2022 DIY Fund with a teaser on 24th March 2022 by introducing one DIY project we had already committed to in Nairobi, Kenya. 

The DIY Fund 2022 officially launched 6th May with a social announcement, offering 10 further grants of £500 to each DIY in the UK and globally.


Applicants applied via a Google Sheets questionnaire, again the grants were to be used for concrete, materials or tools needed to build and maintain the spot. This year, every successful applicant was sent 10 Clown skateboard decks they could gift to local kids who they felt deserved or needed the boards.

New for 2022, we collaborated with Vans Europe to send shoes to each spot.


This year our aim is to help as many DIYs as possible. 


We did things a little differently. We had £5000 of funds to be put into DIY skateparks across the world. We sent a social media post out on our Instagram to make DIYs aware applications were open, within the application we requested a breakdown of how much they required and what the money was going to be used for. Once all applications were in, our team went through the requests and finalised how much each DIY would receive. From this, we were able to give funding to 15 DIY skateparks, 14 in the UK and 1 in Nairobi, Kenya.

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