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Salford, Manchester


Head coach Danny Markham put forward Harrison, 14 and Holly, 15 for Pass The Torch. Danny states; 


"Harrison has been a regular skateboarder at Graystone from first opening, over 4 years ago. Joining our Progression class early on, Harrison has always been a talented stylish skater. Hanging out in the classes, making lifelong friends, learning and always creating positive vibes.


His regular involvement and close bonds with the skate coaches at Graystone, Harrison has always looked up to our team and spoke often about his goals of one day coaching with us. This opportunity would not only guide Harrison closer towards that goal, but through assisting our beginner classes he will learn valuable and transferable life skills he can adapt into his every day. Gaining confident social skills, helping others and professionalism that come through coaching.


Through this opportunity, Harrison can bring those positive vibes to each coaching class. Creating fun, relevant and exciting skateboarding sessions for everyone participating. Developing with a coach to perhaps one day in the future, becoming a lead skateboarding coach himself."

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"Holly has adopted Graystone as her place to express herself. Only skating a couple of years, it is clear that the skateboarding community is Holly's second home. It was not long after Holly started skating, her hunger to learn guided her through onto our Progression Classes. Learning how to become a more adept skateboarder. 


From there, Holly has joined our part time Bar & Restaurant team. You will find Holly a couple of hours during the week, helping around the Bar area with always a smile on her face. It's within that space that Holly has shined with her helpful nature, kindness and solid communication skills.  


Assisting our Skateboard Coach, Holly can use this opportunity to adapt those skills, providing a new space for further learning.  Developing coaching skills to help others learn to skateboard for the first time and help those further develop in our intermediate class. Engaging the community of skateboarding through coaching gives Holly the opportunity to become a role model through her journey as a skateboarder."

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