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Caerphilly, Wales


Head Coach Sam Horler applied for Pass The Torch 2023 as he wanted to encourage his keen/talented skateboarding students from his area to become local leaders and feel a sense of stewardship and pride over local skateboarding so that they can continue to promote themselves and other learners safely.


"These children are fantastic and their confidence has grown so much, I feel this opportunity magnifies and expands upon their on-board skills and they will personally develop so much from this."

"They are both quite quiet young people but have both been skateboarding for two years within my sessions and in the local community/their friend group (based around the Caerphilly area, South Wales). I think they have a really nice and attentive character and engage nicely with others. I think this opportunity would give them a HUGE confidence boost to feel like they’re part of a big project and that they’re community leaders. Carter has had some knocks to his confidence with his own skateboarding, and both Carter and Charlotte have struggled quite a lot with anxiety and “fitting in” at school."

Charlotte, 13

Charlotte has been skateboarding for about 2.5 years, she also does athletics and rock climbing. Charlotte has a great sense of humour and always is open to exploring the alternatives in life. Charlotte can come across as shy but once she gets her focus on she is capable of anything!

Carter, 12

Carter has been skateboarding for about two years. He likes to also play guitar, perform magic tricks and is a big music fan (rock and metal mainly). 

Carter is a very polite and well-mannered young man and has a mature head on his shoulders!

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