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SCSC is a free skate club trying to push the scene in Worthing, helping people learn how to skate and integrate. SCSC run weekend meet ups with free equipment to use for anyone that wishes to try skateboarding.

"South Coast Skate club is not just about teaching people how to skateboard, it’s all the other things that come along with being part of the bigger community of skaters and how we work with the local community outside our little bubble, the family you have at home is the back bone of your support network and building a second family where you have a space of your own that you feel safe and welcome is key to your growth as you find your own way in life."

With the support of Clown Skateboards, Dale was able to begin the running of Pass The Torch in 2022 with their first volunteer, 12 year old Lily-Rose.

Lily-Rose, "She's been with us for quite a while now and is such a down to earth person with a true passion for skateboarding, I have witnessed her dedication and love for skateboarding just grow and grow and with that enthusiasm she has always got a new trick every time I see her, she is also a great role model to all the skaters, including me as she has forced me to learn certain tricks because she wanted to learn them, I think the girls especially look up to her as they should she is an inspiration."

Gustav has an immense energy and enthusiasm to learn new tricks and have fun on the board and encourages others despite ages or skill level. When sessions are quiet he would come up with new and unique ricks for Dale to learn with him, showing that skateboarding can be a level playing field for all no matter what your age, you can continue to push yourself to learn.

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MJ has continued to grow as a person by helping others learn new skills as well as developing signature tricks of her own. Using her new found confidence and skill she has entered local skate jams, being successful in winning prizes.  

JJ is often found helping others, giving advice and showing them where to put their feet for the best results. He has a great understanding of how the skate community works, having accompanied some of the older locals, always with a smile on his face.

Noah, the final PTT volunteer, proving his dedication and pushing himself to learn new tricks despite his own struggle with injury.

Owen, new PTT volunteer who has been helping out with Felpham and Homefield sessions, "he's such a character and a real pleasure to have on board”

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